Excel: Advanced Functions  


Course Summary

Code: 1452GY191  

Starting: Saturday 25 April 2020 

Location: Thurrock Adult Community College  

Duration: 1 sessions over 1 week(s)

Start Time: 09:30 

Cost: £24.25/£16.00/Free*    

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This course is aimed at individuals who have a good working knowledge of common functions using Excel 2016.  You will learn about a variety of functions such as HLOOKUP or VLOOKUP, text functions such as Left, Right, Mid, concatenate and other useful functions such as IF, AND, OR, SUMIF and COUNTIF. Using formulas in Excel will help you manipulate and analyse data. Excel formulas are often used to perform automated maths operations to data in the spreadsheet.   


Time and duration

Start Date: 25 April 2020
Start Time: 09:30
Day: Saturday Morning
Session Duration: 05:00
Number of Sessions: 1


Thurrock Adult Community College  
Richmond Road  
RM17 6DN  

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