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So much of our daily lives rely on us using computers to access services and even work online. This became evident during the pandemic, when we met family and friends on Zoom, shopped online, completed online forms to book GP appointments and so much more. It may have got you thinking, would you like to brush up on your skills? Boost your confidence or upskill yourself ready for a career change? Would you like to maximise your chances of getting back into work or gaining a promotion?

Having these essential digital skills through our free course will give you the confidence and skills to live, work and learn in the new digital world. You have the option to take a nationally recognised qualification to put on your CV.

Courses are free (Subject to eligibilty), part-time in small groups, with learners at a similar level to yourself

Before starting your course, you will need to attend a skills scan to ensure you are joining the most suitable course for your needs. Prior qualifications will be taken into consideration where relevant. To book a skills scan session, click on the green Enrolment Information button online, or call 01375 372476.



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