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Maths is an essential skill in everyday life and can open the door to a range of careers. To demonstrate this, we focus on using maths to analyse and solve problems found in everyday life as well as in the workplace. You will practise several aspects, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division; percentages; fractions; calculating the area and volume; ratio and algebra.

All Maths courses are free (subject to eligibilty), part time and run over no more than 17 weeks.(apart from GCSE which runs for 32 weeks)

Courses start in September or February but you can enrol throughout the year. (apart from GCSE which only starts in September). The start and end times are school friendly to enabling you to drop off or pick up children and eveing classes are available. We use various methods of delivery: Online, in a classroom or blended (which is a mixture of both).

There are no set entry requirements. Before starting your course you will need to attend a skills scan to ensure you join the most suitable course for your needs. Prior qualifications will be taken into consideration where relevant. To book a skills scan session, click on the green Enrolment Information button online, or call 01375 372476. or email



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